Class 1/2G at Barlow Hall
Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 1/2
The supergirl and superman.By Laiba
Posted on May 5th, 2011 at 6:18 pm by and

Once there was a very kind supergirl and superman.They saved the whole country.Then one day a bad women who was fighting the world.”Stop there you old women” said the supergirl.You and your world will be ruined said the bad women.So superman shooted fire at the women but the women jumped.Super girl shoot lazer so she did.Ha said super girl our world is saved.After that the bad women was caught by the police.High five said the super man.They all lived happily ever after.But not the bad women.By Laiba

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  1. Link Here | July 14, 2011,

    It is beautiful by mohammad.


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